Steeped in culture, art and history, Scotland is a much loved and internationally renowned country. Iconic for its heritage and patriotism, Scotland sits comfortable at the forefront of invention and industry.At Aspire Glass Design in Scotland we are proud to share the aspirations inherent in the Scottish nation.

Scotland is diverse in its founding taking cultural identity from the romans and vikings that made Scotland their home. Its Celtic roots are still an enigmatic and tourist trap, and it’s no surprise that Scotland is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Industry and invention have a huge part to play in Scotland’s cultural and commercial identity. From the ground breaking medical discoveries to the oil, coal and steel industries, Scotland has held its reputation as an innovative, pioneering country.

These inventions have become national landmarks, none quite as famous as the Forth Rail Bridge.

Connecting the north-east and south-seat of the country, this impressive structure connect two of Scotland’s most famous cities, Edinburgh and Fife. Built in 1890, the Forth Rail Bridge was a mighty undertaking for its time taking seven years to complete and costing 98 men their lives. The bridge has become an iconic symbol of Scotland as is now recognized as one of Scotland’s key heritage sites.

From the financial successes and castle of Edinburgh to the art and ship building of Glasgow, Scotland has a rich identity that embraces its whisky, textile-clad symbols and celebrated its cultural diversity and passion for arts and industry.


As Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is one of the country’s most infamous cities. Home of the much celebrated International Tattoo nestled within the walls of the prestigious Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh is recognized as the financial capital of Scotland. Literature and art are a prominent feature of the city with novelists Ian Rankin and Harry Potter writer, J K Rowling.

The center of tourism and history, Edinburgh has an eclectic landscape. From Georgian and Victorian style homes to architectural firsts and innovative new builds, Aspire Conservatories have worked with an array of clients and homeowners in the iconic city.

Ayr / Ayrshire

Troon , Kilmarnock and Irvine are the principal towns of this South-West Scotland region. Famed for its Prestwick located Golf course and international airport, Ayrshire is a coastal area with a booming tourism appeal.

One of the country’s most loved and recognized icons was born and raised in Ayr, the infamous Robert Burns. Acclaimed for his poems and literary work, Robbie Burns is honoured by one of Scotland’s most beloved national holiday, Burns Night (January 25th).

The quaint cottages and traditional styles that Robbie brought to life in his poems still exist today and Aspire Conservatories work with clients on many projects in this area. From listed buildings to character-designed new builds, we know how to ensure your extension or conservatory do your Ayrshire surroundings justice.


Nicknamed ‘The Granite City’, Aberdeen’s identity is closely linked to its industrial history.

As an oil and gas capital there’s no surprise that it is Scotland most populous city with 221,000 residents.

As of the counties ‘super eight’ cities, its economic status impacts the UK as a whole, not just Scotland.

Packed with beautiful period buildings the landscape represents the wealth and history that built the city. From the Powid Gate, Old Aberdeen, to the Town House, the classic style of the houses that remain reflect its Royal Burgh status.

Aspire Conservatories are experts in working with listed buildings and traditional design, and this city challenges and utilizes our extensive expertise in conservatory design and installation.


As another Scottish city that expanded and developed thanks to industrial and economic success, Dundee is Scotland’s fourth biggest city. ‘Jute, Jam and Journalism’ are the city’s unofficial trademarks but it is the city’s ‘One City, Many Discoveries’ description that hosts its identity.

Praised for its many scientific discoveries, Dundee is also recognized for its building of the RSS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic exploration vessel.

Scotland’s nationally loved Dandy and Oor Wullie and The Beano all descended from this Scottish city also, presenting Dundee as a city that represents Scotland’s creative, artistic and economic status.

It’s Jacobean and medieval influence can still be cited in its buildings, and with the city being home to two universities, new accommodation has added to the character of this city.

As experts in all home styles and buildings, Aspire Conservatories ensure that each conservatory or extension is built in collaboration of the surrounding aesthetic.


Renowned for its architecture, creativity and diversity, Glasgow is commonly referred to as Scotland’s city of culture.

The Industrial Revolution lead to the expansion of the city, with shipbuilding becoming an international economy for the city and its workers.

Recognized also for its sense of human and characters, the city was home to global comedy star Billy Connolly among many other comedic legends. Sport and art also define the city with racing’s Sir Jackie Stewart a proud Glaswegian.

Its artistic history is easily cited throughout the city thanks to iconic building such as the Charles Rennie MacKintosh building, as well as the city’s numerous galleries and museums such as GOMA and Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.

From St Mungos’ Cathedral to the SECC, the architecture of the city represents a long and diverse history. Aspire Conservatories have worked with clients throughout the city, working with clients residing in everything from tenement buildings to contemporary new builds.

St Andrews / Fife

St Andrews is warmly referred to the home of Golf. This royal burgh on the east coast of Fife is often described as a city of prestige and, thanks to its world renowned university, one of intellectualism.

The founding of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club  in 1754 helped create the sport status of the city. A frequent location for the Open Championships, the city is a hub of sport and tourism.

From St Andrews Castle to Scone Palace, the city and surrounding Fife is steeped in nomadic influence.

This expansive Northern Europe stamp has gifted St Andrews a city of homes and buildings filled with character and history. Its contemporary style comes from the flurry of international students that fill the city every year. Aspire Glass Design have worked alongside clients in and around Fife for years and has built a much trusted reputation as a quality, conscientious designers and installers.

Highlands & Islands

From the Lords of the Isles to the Vikings, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland have a character all of their own. Steeped in legend, this collection of Islands and Northern Scotland is what draws thousands to its shores.

Aside from its Celtic roots, whisky and textiles are what they are most famed for. From Islay’s award-winning 9 distilleries to Skye’s beautiful wildlife, the Highlands and Islands are quite rightly the jewel in Scotland’s crown.

As with all remote areas, customer service can be tricky but Aspire Conservatories overcome this by working with local builders and contractors to ensure our clients receive convenient, trusted service.

Scottish Borders

Resting on the border between Scotland and England, the Scottish Borders are nestled around Edinburgh, Carlisle and the Cumbria.

Rural and home to the River Tweed, a renowned fishing spot, this area is host to a series of towns such as Selkirk, Jedburgh and Melrose, all with their own rich histories.

From textiles to farming, the Scottish Borders is defined by its heritage and rural setting of breathtaking landscapes. The Scottish Borders have one of the cutest, and most world respected, icons in Scotland, the Border Collie. More than a figurehead of Scottish farming, the Border Collie has become one of the nation’s favourite pets.

Aspire Conservatories cater to clients in rural areas, working alongside local contractors and builders to offer a service rooted in excellence and customer service.


Located on the banks for the River Tay, Perth is central to Kinross and Perthshire. Thanks to Sir Walter Scott, the city is know as the ‘Fair City.

Scone Abbey, home of the Stone of Destiny, has been a tourist spot for visitors the world over and has enhanced Perth’s national identity.

With an industrial history in linen, leather and whisky, Perth has always been an economic and finance town, even more so now as it is recognized for the banking and financial status.

From the thriving high street to the prestigious Kirks and Abbeys, Perth has a diverse architectural aesthetic, one that Aspire Conservatories specialize in.


Fondly described as ‘The Gateway to the Highlands’, Stirling is situated between the Scottish Highlands and lowlands.

Stirling has a history cloaked in myth and legend and, as like their ancestors the Romans and Vikings, is symbolized by the wolf and the battle it alerted the townsfolk to.

Just as prolific is the city’s status affinity with Robert the Bruce, a Scottish historical icon, and its Jacobean roots.

The surrounding towns of Alloa, Falkirk and Bannockburn also have made their impact on Stirling’s rich identity. Bannockburn was the site of the famous battle where the English army were defeated in 1314.

Aspire Glass Design are fiercely proud of their Scottish origins.

Taking inspiration from the passion, diversity and reputation for innovation that Scotland embodies, Aspire Conservatories stand for quality in products and service.

A commitment to country-wide design and construction enables Aspire Glass Design to continually preserve the histories and surroundings of each Scottish location.